Small Street in Japan

Amazing Japan

 -Gabriel Galante

Vending machines all over the cities,

Lots of cats, dogs, puppies and kitties.


Tall apartments all around us,

Vehicles busy such as trains and the public bus.


Sakura flower on the tree,

Shibuya crossing as busy as a buzzing bee.


Mount Fuji stands tall and high,

All the businessmen wear fancy ties.


Sushi, Mochi and Ramen,

We fish a lot of salmon.


Tokyo Tower with fancy lights,

Children playing with colourful kites.


Massive parks with lakes and plants,

Inside they are full of ants.


Interesting books like comics and anime,

The temples get many visitors every day.


On the ground there are stations that have bullet trains,

Look up above and you will see towering cranes.


So many tall buildings like Tokyo Sky Tree,

Different types of drinks, like a cup of Matcha tea.


Shiba Inu are really cute 

Kaki is Japan's national fruit.


Safe streets with friendly citizens and cops,

If you look around you will see lots of shops.


The streets and roads are spotless and clean,

So many places I still haven’t seen.


Japanese Airlines the best you can imagine,

Their planes are so fast, just like a dragon.


The doctors in the hospitals are very caring,

The street fashion is so good I can’t stop staring.


We have all the fantastic four seasons,

Japan is amazing for all of these reasons.


"Energetic, imaginative and creative – guiding Gabriel on his writing journey has been a delightful experience and I have seen his writing skills improve immensely. I am pleased to share with you a poem written by Gabriel inspired by his home country – Japan. I have never been to Japan before, but after reading Gabriel’s poem, it is definitely at the top of my list of places to travel to next!"

-Faaiza Seyida

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