What do parents say about us?

While looking for a little academic support for my 17 year old, it became clear that what he sought was not just a tutors, but teachers who’d empower him with skills that would help navigate the IB trajectory. And that’s exactly what we found with the team at Ascend Now.


All their teachers are thorough not just with the curriculum, but are also able to take the classroom content and guide their students to apply it to day to day life especially in their internships and extra-curricular activities.

With their own academic and professional accomplishments, the Ascend teachers very well qualified to mentor students, who need that little nudge to make their academics experience a bit more empirical.

Arati Menon Gupta | India

I was first introduced to Ascend Now last year and loved their belief that age doesn't matter when it comes to testing your skills in the real world!

My 9 and 11 year olds chose projects that would progress towards the submission of an article for publication. While most students between the ages of 9-11 are submitting work for a class grade, my children have worked with Faaiza & Ethan from Ascend Now to impress an editor of a top publication. This has complemented the theoretical concepts they learned at school.

But what I like the most about the project is that it has been driven by my children themselves, unlike at their school where the approach is top-down! Educators at Ascend Now believe that children should be the decision-makers when it comes to learning.  They are experiencing great hands-on learning with real-world applications, & it has enhanced their passion, motivation & confidence. Their submission date is approaching & whether or not they are published, the process from start to finish will stick with them and help shape the person they become.

I’m so happy with the service and would be happy to recommend their programs to anyone who has questions from a parent standpoint.

Peter Galante | Japan


"Devi and her team have been incredibly supportive of Ayaan. Virtual learning can be very challenging but the tutors at Ascend we’re able to keep him engaged and he enjoyed the learning. They were promptly responsive to all academic needs."

Roshini Jaiswal | Singapore

"I have been with Ascend Now for 2 years and they have given my sons unparalleled guidance. The quality of education and their innovative methods have made my children fall in love with learning. My son recently got into Philips Academy Andover and we are thankful for Ascend’s help."

Brent Chinn | Indonesia


“My seventh grader was never interested in writing. Ascend Now went with him on this journey to develop a passion for writing. Within 10 months, teachers started seeing improvements in his writing skills and I'm proud to say my son has been published in The New York Times on his first attempt! I'm forever grateful to Ascend Now for their help.”

Manjali Khosla | India

What do our teacher-training workshop participants say about us

I absolutely loved it. It was very well organised and personalised. I mentioned to the educator that this was one of the best workshops I have attended. The educator was resourceful, experienced and had a lot of patience while going over each session's assignments and doubts. We were able to connect English lang lit through the PYP, MYP and DP, which many facilitators cannot do. We had plenty of time to reflect and discuss the core elements of the IB within Language and Literature. I would recommend this course for every aspiring IB teacher. 

Tracy Waller | MYP Language & Literature Teacher Training 

" It was my first time participating in a workshop with Ascend Now and definitely it won't be my last. The encouraging supportive atmosphere of the workshop was beyond amazing allowing us participants to enjoy the informative discussions, share our own ideas, experiences, samples of work and consistently reflect on the knowledge gained to develop our own teams and schools' implementation of the IB program. Our concerns and areas to further develop were always addressed and workshop details were altered to meet our own needs. It was my pleasure to learn and collaborate with true educators representing IB education at its best

Elyana Zawaideh  | MYP Language & Literature Teacher Training 


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