Isabelle Bull is a finalist at Durham University studying English Literature. English has been a long term passion of mine and she owes a lot of her achievements in the field to her IB English Lit teacher who took the time to mentor her in essay and creative writing.


She is keen to nurture this same passion in students and younger children. Since leaving school, she has built up a substantial creative writing portfolio and recently wrote and directed her first play which was showcased at the Durham Drama Festival.


She is familiar with the techniques and methods of both prose and poetry writing and is able to guide students through the drafting and editing process. She finds guiding people to create a piece of writing that they are proud of extremely satisfying.


She has also worked in several companies as a copy writer and
assistant and is aware of the importance of writing as a functional tool to engage people in corporate settings, which in turn has aided her in the essay writing process.


She is most interested in unravelling the essay writing process to younger students as she is well aware of how daunting it may seem to have to write to a point, particularly for young creative minds that like to explore organically and struggle with streamlining their thoughts into points and arguments. As a recent high-school graduate, she has the ability to connect well with students as the experiences they go through are still fresh in her memory.

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