Write a short narrative based on the image above


The constant, overlapping sound of footsteps, the unnecessary honking and beeping of cars, motorcycles, trucks, and other vehicles filled the air, along with the loud, memorized sounds of advertisements. People from head to toe wearing formal clothing up to the teeth, rushed here and there to get to their jobs and destinations as fast as possible, some going as far as to selfishly nudge or elbow a person out of the way.The loud honking and beeping of vehicles could be heard on and off every once in awhile from all over the area, just to remind the person to move forward, go faster, and do not block their path. Grey clouds of smoke came out of the backsides of each car, blocking people’s vision, and giving off a horrible stench that identified the ‘modern world’. Buildings like rectangular mountains always seemed to be reaching into the sky, touching the clouds that would later drop down upon the Earth. All of them were lined with windows, and paint for their appearance, unless they were covered by enormous screens that showed various advertisements of different type. Each sound overlapped each other, creating an unnatural ring in my ears, most certainly unlike the sound of clear, beautiful rivers, splashing against rocks as fish swimmed to its current, leaves, dancing as the wind brushed its surface, and the faint sound of animals that once lived in a world full of nature such as that. The world has much evolved since then. Evolving in a way where the smell of fresh air was replaced by that of polluted air, streams of water replaced by lanes and lanes of tall buildings and houses, and nearly all droplets of life other than the human species begone from this new world. Yes, technology has given us more convenience over the past years, but would it be wrong to want to be able to experience the wonders of nature?

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