Pavan has 5+ years of experience in business development and risk management. He graduated from Michigan State University with honors in Finance.


During Pavan's time in college, he was the president and founding father of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity, to lead an educational social organization with an annual operating budget of $80,000. Pavan was also a leader of the MSU student government, in charge of developing partnerships with an operating budget of $1.8 million.


He started his teaching career in college, as a teaching assistant position for an MBA class that dealt with financial modeling. Shortly after graduation, Pavan cleared the CFA level 1 exam and started working at Goldman Sachs in their securities division.


Wanting more out of my career, he joined Ascend Now, managing both the team and expansion goals of the company. While with Ascend Now, Pavan has led leaderships with leading Ed-Tech companies (Vedantu and BYJU) and curriculum providers (IBO and Cambridge).

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