University: A chance to dismiss the past?

So you’ve finally made it to university, the start of the next significant chapter of your life. University life is nothing short of exciting and vibrant: you meet some of your closest friends and make new experiences that you will cherish for a lifetime. Starting university is also a time of self-reflection, especially with the current climate of the ongoing global pandemic. The present university experience is marred by social distancing guidelines and online classes rather than intimate gatherings and weekly group hangouts. With this new dynamic, it is an excellent time to step back and reflect on the journey that has taken you from your high school days to life at university.

Typically at university, there is a drive for incoming first-years to start their new chapter with a clean slate, completely shedding the image you crafted for yourself in the high school chapter of your life. University should be a time to learn how to be the best version of yourself. Therefore, embrace your past. Whether you have fond memories of high school or are plagued by nightmarish horrors, experiences shape and mould who we are as people. High school is a time where you gain a great deal of knowledge and it should not be something that is set aside. Many of the skills and experiences garnered in high school can, at the very least, form the building blocks of your early university career.

While the high school experience arguably lays the foundation for the initial portion of your university life, the experiences within university will expand upon your existing knowledge and skills. Entering any new chapter of your life is not going to be an easy experience and there will be an element of risk. However, these risks are all part of the learning curve as it is okay to make mistakes so long as you are able to learn from them. University life is all about trying to be the best version of yourself.

As you embark on this exciting new phase in your life, take pride in reflecting on how far you have come and embrace the comfort in knowing that a whole world of fun and adventure lies ahead of you.

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