College Majors: Stats and Facts!

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

For most students, choosing a college major could be an overwhelming and difficult decision. While it is not a mandatory option for students to choose their major at the time of application, it could provide a lot of relief in the college process if their major is decided. There are many important factors to consider when choosing your major for college. For example:

  • Overall program cost

  • Salary Expectations

  • Employment Rates in Respective Fields

  • Advanced Education Opportunities

  • A career that requires an Advanced Degree

Most Popular Majors:

According to several articles, the most popular majors selected by college students are:

  1. Computer Science

  2. Nursing

  3. Accounting

  4. Business

  5. Finance

  6. Marketing

  7. Psychology

Average Salaries for College Educated Workers

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By Unemployment Rate

Lowest Unemployment

  1. Nursing

  2. Education

  3. Mechanical Engineering

  4. Finance

  5. Criminal Justice

*These majors have experienced a 1-4% unemployment rate.

Highest Unemployment

  1. Psychology

  2. Fine Arts

  3. History

  4. Architecture

  5. Pre-Law & Legal Studies

*These majors have experienced more than 7 percent unemployment.

Fields Likely Leading to an Advanced Degree

Physical Sciences

  1. Education

  2. Biology

  3. Health

  4. Psychology

  5. Social Sciences

  6. Law

In Demand By Employers

  1. Business

  2. Computer Science

  3. Engineering

  4. Healthcare

  5. Math & Statistics

Highest Workload

  1. Engineering

  2. Arts & Humanities

  3. Environmental Sciences

  4. Physical Science, Computer Science, Math

  5. Social Science

  6. Business

Last thing...

It is pivotal to remember that you are not obligated to stick to your major throughout your college career. In fact, nearly 70% of college students change their major at least once during the span of their 4 year program.

ULTIMATE PRO TIP: Your path is your own! Don't stress over choosing a major. Select coursework that interests you and find out what you're good at.

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