Round 1

Do you think you have amazing business ideas and great presentation skills? Are you extremely ambitious and want to go the extra mile to make a difference? Well this is your chance! If you are a student below 18 years and want to stand a chance to win up to $5,000 and mentorship from multiple renowned entrepreneurs, follow the instructions below.

P.S: You DON'T need an actual business to apply!

Step 1

First go to the "EVENTS" tab in the main menu and open the Shark Tank event. Register yourself up as a candidate. Once that is done - you are officially "IN" the running to win the grand prize. But before that, we have a preliminary testing round. Follow step 2 below. 

Note: If you have already completed this step, move to step 2 directly. 

Step 2

  • Your Full name (First and Last) along with your age (Number)

  • A valid email address to which we will send all further communication

  • A pitch deck with your idea  (Maximum 6 slides + cover slide)

  • A video recording (maximum 3 minutes) of you presenting your business idea.

Video upload might take a few minutes. Please wait for the confirmation message before closing or refreshing the page. 

Pitch Deck Upload
Max File Size 15MB
Video Upload
Max File Size 15MB



Each of the following criteriums carry value and will count towards selection.  Here is a basic understanding of what is expected. 


Is your business improving a current process or revolutionizing an industry? Blow our minds with ideas we probably would have never heard of!


Show us you understand your ideal customer, the size of your target market and the competition you face. Some insight into your industry would be highly valued. 


From the iconic Tom Cruise movie, "Show me the money!" We would like a clear understanding of how your business makes its revenues and profits. 


We value the ability to communicate one's idea. Walk us through the problems your potential customers face and how you plan on solving them. Effectively communicate your value proposition.


A cherry on the top would be your business solving a real-world problem whilst making a profit. Make the world greener, reduce income inequality - convince us that we are investing in socially responsible leaders


Got any more questions? 

Contact the Shark Tank program manager, Arjun Talwar and he will answer all your queries ASAP. 

+44 7840 587146 (Whatsapp)

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