-Sasha khosla

Student fundraiser

Dear fellow humanitarians,

Daily wage and migrant workers are the backbone of our society; without them, we would have no infrastructure, food services, or clean public services. These people that have done so much for us are in a dire situation and desperately need our help.



The recent pandemic has displaced many Indian migrant workers and has had a devastating impact on those who live off daily wages. These people travel to cities for work, with one purpose only: to support their families back in their villages. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are now being forced to return home with no work and no money to feed their families.



Due to the mass plight of these people, many disturbing and heart-wrenching images have surfaced, including one of a father unable to make it home in time to see his dying one-year-old son. His story was published in The Guardian (which I have linked above and recommend you read). It is an image that shook something inside of me and is one of the reasons I have chosen to take up this campaign. There are millions of more stories such as the one I have mentioned above, and all these people’s suffering is real. They are in desperate need of IMMEDIATE help to support their families for the duration of the pandemic, or at least until they can return to work and financially support themselves.



By supporting these workers, we are not only helping them but also helping the workforce that will help rebuild our economy after the pandemic.



All funds will be donated to the disaster relief/humanitarian aid/community development NGO, Goonj.


-Sasha Khosla

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